Monday, November 05, 2007

To those about to rock...

Last week we started planning how we'd entertain the new comers in typically Halley style: Z or Dead live in the Laws Lounge. Many hours slipped by at the bar discussing what we needed to "make it as a band", but we eventually decided microphone stands that didn't fall over and a drum kit that wasn't propped up on chairs would be a good start.

At the last minute (as the aircraft was still in flight!), Mark and I knocked together a drum pedal, drum stand and Mark's best effort - two mic stands with music holders. Most of this was made from 20mm galv conduit, making us the only band to offer a 10 year rust-warranty.

As Saturday night came, we set up to a packed house of over 20 people!

Z or Dead go Gothic

Sticking with the tried and trust formula of Jeremy Clarkson-esque pub rock, we opened with a surprisingly tight Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, picked up the pace with some Dire Straights and wrapped up the first half with a bit of ever popular Elvis.

After a quick re-tune, the second half romped away with Sweet Home Alabama, got all moody with Floyd's Wish You Were Here and finished loud and heavy with some Slade and Black Sabbath!

Galvanised mic stands, an upside-down cross and inflatable globe.
What every good rock band needs.

Mark came back on later and did a fantastic solo set, complete with Brian and Tom making guest appearances on the drums. As the refreshment flowed, we all got back up for a few extra numbers, and even coaxed Tamsin into singing Echo Beach!

Marks Wales. Pub Rock veteran

It was a great night. We played for over three hours, had people singing along and my fingers still haven't recovered. Roll on the summer festival season!


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