Saturday, October 20, 2007

Official (and un-official!) Photos

Being keen with the camera got me the dubious perk of organising this year's official team photo. To be framed on the dining room wall (and pass before many critical eyes over the years) this image had to capture not only the people, but a little piece of the year too. After thinking for a few months, I settled on an informal gathering on the Melt Tank snow mound. This feature has dominated life since the very start of Halley over 50 years ago. Every day, a gang of three or four shovel snow down the chute to be melted into water for our every need. However, this "bonding" experience wont be a feature of Z6 as a larger, bull-dozer filled tank will replace it.

Looking at the number of days will everyone on base started to get me concerned. There were less than ten suitable slots on the calender. Determined to beat the notorious weather, I took the first opportunity the get people together. Thankfully, it worked.

(Click photos for larger)

Halley Winterers, 2007

A number of years also did a silly picture to stick on the back of the frame. And why not?

I get snowballed!

As the weather held, we also did Team Met's picture.

The Met Team: Tom, Kirsty, Tamsin, Me

Met Team's fun photo

It was good fun, but I'm never going to do weddings!


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