Thursday, November 01, 2007

Winter's Over

Yesterday buzzed with excitement and uncertainty. There was a plane coming, but we didn't know that it would make Halley till about 9pm.

Leaving Rothera at 23:30, the pilot estimated six hours flying time. I went to bed and grabbed some sleep, then joined the queue for a lift to the skiway. Foolishly I thought such a major event could pass without digging a load of snow, but I was wrong and soon sweating my guts out clearing a sledge to transfer luggage.

Landing an aircraft on snow takes a lot of preparation. Mark and Jim manned the fire-sledge, Mat had spent most of the night leveling the snow with a piste-groomer and Richard had a massive paramedic kit in case it all went wrong.

A week late, but spot-on time

But all went to plan and the Basla touched down at exactly 05:30.

Taxiing back to meet us

Shutting down

New faces, fruit and letter beckon...

Busy now. More later when I open my post!


Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Wow, how incredibly exciting :)

Hope you got some good mail!

3:57 pm GMT  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Wow - Signs of human life!!

11:31 am GMT  

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