Sunday, November 18, 2007

More movement

It's been another flat-out week. The vehicle team have dug up and moved the Drewery building, which was getting do buried snow was almost up the windows. Team Met have been on the move too - all the remaining instruments are now bolted securely to the Laws roof, so we headed up the the Halley VI building site to relocate the weather station.

Jules starts digging out the weather station

Only 15km away, the Halley VI site looks a lot like Halley V. It's flat, white and snowy. Very snowy. The weather station had about 1.5m built up around it!

Jules and Simon recovering the solar panel

In the hole!

The weather station was a survey reference point for the build project so we had to find a suitable replacement. Could this be Antarctica's first pole-dancing venue?

Penguin Party memories...

After an hour or so sweating it our with shovels, the weather station popped out and was loaded onto the sledge. Like the reference point, the station's new location had to be precise as vehicles are banned from the upwind section of the site to keep that area ultra-clean for future snow-chemistry experiments.

Weather station on the move

Driving on a compass bearing and GPS track, we found the new site just under a kilometre away.

The final setup

This was the last big "science" job. Next week we'll start pulling the office apart and packing up ready for summer.


Anonymous Skinny D said...

So Dave, honestly, did you get to drive that big moma with the tracks?

1:08 pm GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Sure did. And I used to think my L200 was the best company car ever!

If you like the Snocat, check out the Challenger in the penguin post...

2:34 pm GMT  

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