Saturday, October 13, 2007

Go Go Go!!!

When a blizzard stops, people shoot from the Laws like pop from a bottle. The couped up feeling is replaced by a massive list of jobs, both those delayed by the weather and plenty more created by it. Sixty knot winds move a lot of snow about, so Matt's been busy with the bulldozer, Neil's been poking all the CASLab vents and Kirsty and I have dug out the Blimp winches.

Today the wind dropped to nearly nothing, meaning Frisbee, running and, more importantly, two ozone-studying flights for Tom's unmanned aerial vehicle. The heat of the sun is now obvious, even through a balaclava which we now wear to protect from UV blasting through the open ozone hole. Although air temperature is still in the -20Cs, the buildings absorb enough heat to melt snow, giving the an end-of-season ski resort look.

Traces of winter slide away

Melt water on the Simpson stairs

Feel the heat!

More photos here.


Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Wow! It appears to change so quickly but I'm betting it doesn't seem like a quick process when you're living through it...

7:54 pm GMT  
Blogger Simon said...

Looks like summer :)

8:00 pm GMT  
Anonymous Skinny D said...

Is sunbathing discouraged? I mean how cool would it be to come back from a year on an icecap with an nice all over tan...

Health disclaimer: Sunbathing is bad, it causes irreparable skin damage and may effect your reproductive capabilities.

8:31 am GMT  

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