Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back on Days

I'm back in the land of the living at last! Well, nearly. My body clock's still not quite fixed, but we're nearly there. Saturday was fairly pleasant. Got out kiting in the morning and running in the afternoon. Set a new personal best of a lap-and-a-half which my legs are still reminding me about.

After a few false starts with high wind, we eventually completed a blimp flight on Sunday afternoon bringing the season's total to eight. Hopefully we'll get a few more in before the sea-ice breaks up and the depletion events stop. (Tamsin's writing loads of science articles at the moment, so check out her blog for more details on ozone depletion).

In true Halley style, the weather soon returned to taunt us and from Sunday evening till about a hour ago, we were back in blizzard mode. This one set new records for the year, with the wind speed tracking steadily upwards and peaking at over 60knts before the anemometers begged for mercy and gave up. Thankfully the weather haven survived!

Must stop now as the wind's dropped enough to head to the lab and sort the wind instruments out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I'll send you something now i have your address. Penguins look soooooooooo cute. I've changed jobs, I'm working for RDF now on a ITV Christmas Charity show. Its not as lovely as Love Productions but it is a well reknowned programme maker. Play Scrabble with me on Facebook!

11:39 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

What does Antarctic running kit entail?


11:19 am GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Running kit for the winter was:
Thermals top and legs
Fleece top and legs

But now summer's here, it's just shorts and leggings (very stylish!), fleecey top, hat etc...

Throughout the winter I've been using normal trainers with thick socks, but haven't ever got cold toes!

12:43 pm GMT  

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