Friday, September 28, 2007

Sledge Golf - Part 5

Friday 21st - Abseiling

Another windy night and slow start gave me enough time to finish Scott's "Voyage of The Discovery", his account of his first voyage south. Old Polar books make great reading as there are loads of similarities with current day operations. There's also a lot of differences - we don't routinely fall through crevasses and need reviving with tea too often these days. Well, perhaps I lie about the tea.

We got out after lunch and headed towards the ice cliffs we'd inspected earlier in the week. Our target was a spectacular castellated berg, wedged in the sea-ice about 2km offshore. Sadly light was fading fast, but there was still enough time to drop over the edge and take a look at the frozen valley below.

Sunset over a frozen valley

By now we'd been out for almost a week. We were out of frozen "real food" and onto army ration type "man food" - a name left over from the husky days, to distinguish the boxes from the very similar looking (and tasting, apparently!) dog food. Tonight it was chicken curry, or was it spag-bol? I wasn't really sure, but anything hot and filling that required nothing more than a cup of water in the bag was a Good Thing.

Radioing up base at nine, we finally got the news we'd be waiting for: A clear day tomorrow. It was time for an early night and to hit the road in the morning.


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