Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Z or Dead!

One benefit of the dark evenings is plenty of time for the Halley bands to practice. There are two groups down here, Samba drums on Thursday (not my cup of tea) and Sleazy Rock on Friday (pass the pot!).

Z or Dead, Halley's loudest band, comprises Mark (Lead guitar and vocals), Alex (bass), Dean (drums) and me (rhythm guitar and vocals). We play simple no-nonsense rock and roll, including Black Sabbarth, Oasis, Snow Patrol and The Mighty Quo! Our set-list is currently 12 songs strong and we're working hard to get them all wired for Mid Winter Festival. The debut album, Frosty Reception may be uploaded to trouble your ears soon.

I really, really, wanted to form a band called The Antarctic Monkeys. I envisaged returning to the UK to tour student unions, baffling and disapointing the youth with our slighty dodgy Monkeys covers. Gladly, I've been talked out of the idea...


Blogger Rob Webster said...

exyfvhi dave - would dearly love to get my ears around the new material. is there anywhere on the world wide web where i can satisfy my hunger for your futuristic retro cheese-wiring uber-riffs? cheers!

8:58 pm GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Our debut album, "The Halley Sessions" will trouble the web soon. My screaming on Paranoid must be heard to be believed!

11:23 am GMT  

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