Monday, May 21, 2007

A Trip Down The Tunnels

Services for the buildings such as bulk fuel storage and waste water processing are buried under the snow to protect them from the elements. Every week, James or Brian visit the tunnels to check their condition and fix any problems. Today I tagged along and popped down the Piggott tunnels with James, our builder.

Ice Crystals in the Piggott Tunnel

Accessed by a 30m vertical shaft, the Tunnels are classified as Confined Spaces, so we filled in the relevant permits and donned fall-arrest harnesses prior to setting off. Once inside, Jim pointed out the stunning ice-crystals hanging from the ceiling, then disappeared to make his checks while I indulged in photography. Crystals are hard work. Of over 100 shots, about three were any good and I cursed myself for forgetting my remote flash (which would have made great back-light...).

It was still great fun. (Click below for more photos)

Tunnel Photo Album


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