Sunday, December 09, 2007

ZorDead - Live at the Garage

We thought it would never happen. It was said it couldn't be done.

Last Saturday we played probably our last gig as Z or Dead in Halley's equivalent to a stadium, The Garage.

Loading the tourbus with essential supplies

Transporting all the gear took two sledges and a gang of roadies...

Mark sound checks

The garage is a great venue with much better acoustics and loads more space than the Laws. Having set up and checked levels, we sat round hoping the familiar (crap) Halley weather wouldn't put off the crowds.

Build it, and they will come

But they did come! As people drifted in the gig opened with a fresh mix from DJ Tom, complete with glowstick and dancers getting everyone in the mood.

DJ Tom warms up the crowd

Jim raving into his 22nd birthday

Come Zed time, we opened with some Bryan Adams and soon had some spectacular dancing from Dave. I was laughing so hard it was all I could do to keep playing!

The Zed

Over the last few month we've worked hard on increasing our setlist, adding some U2, Oasis and Who. With tounges firmly in cheeks, we also played The Wind Of Change - our new Power Ballard!

Mirrorball spectacular

At the end of the second set, Mark came back on with his homemade slide guitar for a fantastic poultry-themed set including Little Red Rooster and Free Bird. He's been playing pubs for years and is damn good.

Mark wow's the crowd with his solo set

Some of the crowd, being wowed

We finished at midnight with what else but Slade's Merry Christmas and headed back, happy that although we may never play together again (as Alex leaves on the first ship), all the winter's practice and persistence was a success.

(Thanks to Joe for the colour photos)


Blogger Ade & Alex said...

Hey Dave, it took me a while to track down your blog (remembering your middle named helped some), but good to see that you're doing well in the deep south.

I finally managed to leave the EA too and made it down to New Zealand, but that's a different story...


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