Thursday, January 11, 2007

On to Halley...

Relief over, it was time to make our way to Halley base, some 60km inland. A number of options face the polar traveller for this journey: The noisy and slow Snowcat. The fast but nauseating Caterpillar tractor. The Twin Otter aircraft - I got lucky and slung my bags on the back of the sledge bound for the ski-way.

Gleaming red in the sunshine, Ice Cold Katie looked far more appealing than on our last meeting. As Neil, Tom and I climbed aboard I remembered an aviator friend’s description of the Otter as “a flying Transit Van” as there’s not a lot inside. Ian took off smoothly and headed out over the sea to give us a spectacular fair-well to the Shackleton before heading inland to the ruptured and crevassed Rumples area, formed where the whole Brunt ice shelf rides up over an underwater ridge. The light was perfect and the three of us alternated between clicking our cameras and gazing in awe.

Landing at Halley International, we were greeted by Doctor Richard, moonlighting as airport manager, and sped across the ice up to base… Posted by Picasa


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