Monday, December 18, 2006

A Bad Day

As promissed earlier, I said I'd write up 'a bad day'. Well, it goes a little like this:

21:00 Turned into the wind to start making the approach to Halley. The barometer neared the bottom of its scale as the bow hammered into on-coming waves sending the pitch-meter from one extreme to the other.

02:00 Getting thrown arround the cabin. Everything moving and creaking. Put loose objects in draws. Doze a little

04:00 Wake to everything creaking. Tighten screws with Leatherman and put on headphones. Listen to music for an hour.

06:00 Things calm down a bit. Fall asleep.

06:45 Watch alarm goes off as I'm on gash (kitchen duties). Stumble downstairs and force down coffee.

07:30 Tamsin says I look rough, offers to cover and orders me back to bed.

07:31 Sleeping

09:00 Back downstairs for a briefing. Manage to stay awake, just.

10:00 - 12:00 More precious, precious sleep.

12:00 Do the XBT experiment on the back deck. Feeling better now and rejoin the gash-team

13:30 Well earned afternoon nap

17:30 Wake up naturaly and feel human again. Come down to find a flat sea and the Christmas decorations up.

A bad day in the office.


Anonymous Dean said...

You big Jessie, it wasn that bad.

You make it sound like you're in Nam, and the valley of Dunsing Choi needs to be retaken, but your buddies have all been killed and you cant go on anymore. They've sent replacements, but they're all green and eager to get into battle ... but you know they'd get killed just like Joe and Dick did on that hill. DAMN THAT HILL.

6:58 pm GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Well, that's what it felt like!

Anyway, there's far worse places than Nam. Try, Ham...


11:42 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there David!! Gary here from Pembrokeshire, wild west Wales.. Glad to hear that you have arrived.. it looks even colder than a Welsh winter.. we saw the new year in at Plumbstone mountain, cycled there with a group of friends.. excelllent fireworks all over the place.
Happy New Year (who is the shell-shocked Vietnam vet?)drop us an e-mail. Gary & Liz

8:41 pm GMT  

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